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Service Delivery

As a consultancy Ridgeway possesses the skills and experience necessary to deliver complex projects on time and to budget.

Strategic Understanding

The team possess detailed knowledge and experience of the strategic imperatives and service development considerations that apply to service user groups covered by social care, housing / service providers, home improvement agencies and health.

We contribute proven expertise in designing & implementing robust, integrated research programmes, including:

  • Needs mapping – across older people’s housing provision to accurately identify, for example, levels of dependency, frailty and health conditions
  • Surveys with service users and staff to understand aspirations, preferences and levels of satisfaction
  • Consultation with stakeholders to understand strategies and future service priorities

Management Process

Ridgeway puts a singular focus on key controls and feedback/audit loops that  work to ensure complex projects are kept on track within time and budget targets.   Central to this is the experience of our senior consultants who have developed the ‘eye’ and instincts to identify nascent threats, notably those to long lead time activities positioned along a project’s ‘critical path’

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